It is important to read the manual closely before igniting the burner. Please contact your retailer if you did not receive a manual, and do not operate the product until you have received, read, and understood it.

The TopTier™ burners are very high-efficiency, low-noise burners. You do not need to crank up the gas pressure to get them to maximum power. In fact, doing so usually makes the flame unstable, loud, and easy to blow out in windy conditions. Remember, these are not jet-type burners! When properly adjusted, you will barely be able to hear the flame and you should see pale blue flames on each nozzle about ¾ to 1” high at maximum power.

Always ignite and adjust the burner with a filled pot on top of it. Lighting the burner without a pot will cause unsatisfactory adjustment.

Igniting the burner

Please view our burner operation video on the TopTier™ page for detailed assembly and operation instructions. Prior to igniting the burners, turn the air damper so that it is open about halfway. Turn the regulator fully counterclockwise to the "off" position. Then, turn on the tank valve to the full "on" position. You will use the regulator to control the gas flow by turning it clockwise to increase fuel flow. Make sure you are using the regulator included with the product. This burner will not operate correctly with other regulators. To ignite the burner, simply turn the regulator slowly clockwise. When you hear the gas flowing, immediately ignite the gas through the burner ignition hole.

Fine-tuning the flame

Once the burner has ignited, you will adjust the regulator and air damper to reach the desired heat setting with the red knob on the regulator and adjust the flame quality with the air damper. You do not need to have the regulator fully open to reach maximum power. Looking at the flame through the flame-inspection hole, turn the air damper until the flame is slightly yellow. Then, slowly turn it back until the flame turns pale blue (the yellow will be gone) and is still touching the nozzles in the burner casting. If the flame lifts off the nozzles, or you hear a low grumbling from the flame, it is getting too much air through the damper and you will need to close it slightly. If it is yellow, there is not adequate airflow and you will need to open the damper. As you increase the gas flow via the regulator, it may be necessary to readjust the air damper. Note that optimum heating speed and efficiency can only be achieved with a properly adjusted flame. And again, you do not need to have the regulator fully open to reach maximum power.