There are several reasons why we feel a level gauge is necessary on every vessel in your brewery.

·  Beer is about 90% water, so knowing how much you are using in each kettle is essential.

·  Consistency from batch to batch is all about repeatability and measurements. Using a level gauge will ensure you are starting with the right amount of water and finishing with the correct amount. These measurements will also let you measure your system efficiency.

·  Using a gauge instead of a bucket reduces errors and saves time.

·  Hot Liquor Tank: Initial fill, water chemistry adjustments.

·  Mash Tun: Initial fill, water adjustment, allows you to monitor static pressure on mash to prevent stuck mashes. When the level in the gauge reaches half the level of the mash, you know you are drawing too fast and may stick your mash well before it actually happens. This is particularly useful for RIMS / HERMS brewers.

·  Boil Kettle: Know when to stop lauter runoff and measure the initial and final fill for efficiency measurements. Knowing your gravity points early on allows you more time to correct any issues.

·  The heat shield provided with your BoilerMaker™ will prevent boiling in the level gauge, allowing very accurate readings.