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G2 kettles in a G1 10 gallon BrewEasy?

I completed my G1 10 gallon BrewEasy (15 gallon mash tun/20 gallon kettle) system with the purchase of the adapter lid kit to mate the kettle and mash tun which I already had.  Shortly afterwards, I was a little annoyed to learn that the dimensions of the new G2 kettles were different than the G1s.  My concern is that if for any reason I have to replace one of the kettles (stuff happens), I won't be able to use a G2 kettle along with the G1 in the same BrewEasy system.  

Today I read on an online vendor's site that they can in fact work together so long as the adapter lid is matched to the mash tun, i.e. if I need to replace the mash tun (15 gallon), I would also need to replace the adapter lid (and I presume, the false bottom).  I guess that's better than having to replace everything.  If I ever needed to replace just the kettle (20 gallon), I understood the information to say that my existing adapter lid would still work.

Can someone confirm?  I understood from John's post somewhere that the dimensions were necessarily different because the U.S. G2 fabricator's process couldn't match the G1's dimensions.  That's fine, but should something happen to one of them, I would hate (hate) not being able to mate a new G2 kettle to the rest of my system.

Many thanks.

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OK - good questions.  When we moved to a US manufacturer we were not able to match the exact diameter of the G1 kettles.  You CAN get the G1 15 gal to fit on the G2 adapter lid BUT the kit comes with the drain tube and fittings that are specific to the G1 or G2 kettle.  Reason being the G1 uses a nipple and street elbow and a "short tube".  The G2 uses just a "long tube".

So the nuances didn't exactly allow us to accommodate changing from G1 to a future G2 - sorry for that!   Fortunately we're nice folks here so if something disastrous happens we'll do everything we can to get you up and going!!

John B

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