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Tim Klieber Total Blichmann brew set up

This is a very cool 3 tier set up by Tim Klieber in Canada.

Here is my all Blichmann setup

Wicked cool!  Love the laptop platform!!

John B

My Blichmann setup. 2 15’s for HLT and Mash and the 20 gal boil kettle. RIMS Rocket, dual controllers, with a ToP, Therminator, etc from Blichmann all on my home Made cart. 14.5 gal fermenator with my Custom foam wrap to help keep temps stable. I ferment outside so I need that insulation. I hacked the top to use someone else’s chiller coils and have that run to a old pin lock corny as the glycol resovoir. I get down from 78-80 degrees to Kölsch pitching rate in about 30-45 min depending on how hot the day is. Bottle with my BeerGun for competitions. And my beer fridge packed full of 5 kegs on the aluminum platform that I welded up. I want the Blichmann SS Brew cart from the Pro side. Thanks Blichmann for everything and innovating and supporting the Brewing Network!!
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