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Temperature control

Breweasy 10gal with boilcoil and Tower LTE. A recipe states 152 sacch rest 60 mins and 170 mashout 10 mins. Where should I be measuring these temps, in the mash tun or the boil kettle? There ends up being about an 8 degree gradient between the pump measurement and the mash tun contents. For example at sacch rest while I am recirculating I have 162 in the boil kettle, 160 at the pump, and 152 at the mash tun. I decided to use my mash tun temp for both the sacch rest and mashout. But this leads to high temps in the boil kettle. Obviously with a constant sparge their will be temp gradients between the locations, so I can't just use the Tower temp that's measured at the pump. I'm ok with this once I've understood the gradient so I can adjust the recipe temp I've been given, if I've chosen the right temp to target.

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Hi Andrew - it is normal for there to be a temp difference.  That is the heat loss in the system.  Outdoors in the cold it'll be greater than indoors.  Mine runs about 3F.  You are correct to measure in the MT.  That said, you can program an offset in the controller so that the controller and the MT match.  If you have the com cable that is the easiest way.

John B

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