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BeerSmith Profiles For Blichmann Systems

Has anyone created either equipment or mash profiles specifically for their Blichmann systems?  Or maybe there is already a location containing such profiles?  I am specifically looking for profiles that match my system which uses all Blichmann 10 Gal G2 BoilerMakers: MT with electric RIMS Rocket, and BK and HLT, both with BoilCoils.  Obviously, I am brewing 5 gal batches.

I can create these from scratch if needed, but who wants to recreate the wheel...

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Brad has made profiles for blichmann G1 kettles but not sure about g2 kettles but they will be the same.

The data is identical so no worries.  I'll see if Brad can mention G1/G2 or something like that so it is clear.

John B

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