G2 BoilerMaker Features discussed with John Blichmann

Please see our YouTube video with John discussing the new G2 BoilerMaker features. Please feel free to post about your experiences with the new G2 kettle.

BoilerMaker G2 Kettle Video

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Love the my new kettles (15 and 20 gal). The finish is fantastic (very easy to clean). The new valve is easy to use and also VERY easy to clean after a brew day. The 90 deg fitting coming off the valve is also handy. I really like the insulated handles, just so much easier not needing insulated gloves to handle the equipment. The quality of the finish on both the interior and exterior is uniform. the fit of the button false botton is tight with no gaps. The only area that i would like to see improvements is the top edge of the opening. I wish you would have kept the rolled edge. The new edge is somewhat sharp to the touch.

Keep up the good work !


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